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You'll need an experienced and skilled attorney to defend you when you've been charged with a criminal charge or need to seek legal counsel. The law offices of Jeffery P. Santoro Esq. PLLC is the criminal and defense attorney you'll need for legal counsel when it comes to your legal issues. With over 27 years of practicing law in the state of New York Jeffery P. Santoro Esq. PLLC will defend and protect your rights. Need legal counsel for a drug possession charge or representation at family court? Contact our offices today to schedule an appointment with Jeffery P. Santoro Esq. (716) 633-3361.

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Fraud Representation

Need to seek counsel for a fraud case? Jeffrey P. Santoro has over 27 years of experience and is prepared to defend you and protect your rights. When it comes to Fraud Charges, they can be committed in a number of many different ways. The following is a glimpse of charges that you can be charged with for fraud. Call Jeffrey P. Santoro today to seek our counsel at (716) 633-3361.

Fraud Offenses

Debt Elimination
Work-at-Home Scams
Charities fraud
Online and Website
Pyramid Schemes
Online Pharmacy
Identity Theft
Internet Sellers
Check/Bank Fraud


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