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We as a family faced our most difficult time. We finally have closure. We want to thank Jeff Santoro. He believed in us, felt our feelings in the same way we did and created social justice where needed! Jeff, you are an amazing person...you stood by our side, at times you stood in front to protect us and were our voice! We thank you for your passion and support during all of this. It helped us to have some peace knowing you were with us! Our best... Don, Karen and Pumpkin!

Wonderful Lawyer
July 22, 2016
" Mr. Santoro is a very sharp lawyer! He put together a very good game plan, to help my daughter get out of a deep hole she dug for herself...ill never use any other lawyer, but Jeffrey P. Santoro." - Barney
Concerned & Compassionate When Handling Your Family Law Case
All Family Law proceedings are an emotional and sensitive experience. Our insightful, sympathetic family lawyer offers comprehensive knowledge of family law and how to effectively practice it. Through his career, Jeffrey P. Santoro has handled thousands of family law cases in Western New York and New York City, and has the necessary experience with local judges and opposing counsel that will benefit you. Mr. Santoro will incorporate that knowledge in prosecuting or defending your case, whatever it takes, even if that means going to trial. Mr. Santoro will never take the easy way out, but will make sure you are fully informed so that you can make an intelligent and knowledgeable decision relating to all aspects of the proceedings.
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Well Versed in All Aspects of Family Law

At the Law Office of Jeffrey P. Santoro we provide a comprehensive range of services in family and matrimonial law which include:
Divorce & Separation Agreements
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Prenuptial Agreements
Modifications Proceedings of Any Nature
Orders of Protection
Family Offense Petitions
Prenuptial Agreements
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) – i.e. Division of Retirement Accounts
Grandparents' Rights


Experienced and Effective to Help You When You Need it Most

Divorce proceedings can be tense and stress filled events, at the Law Office of Jeffrey P. Santoro we provide our knowledge and experience to calm the situation, so you can focus on your everyday needs and help you to move forward in a productive manner.
Divorce can be filled with traps, pitfalls and deceptions that you don't even know exist. Issues of child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, possible relocation and division of assets is best left to the expert who is fully familiar with all of the smoke and mirrors and can guide you through.
Jeffrey P. Santoro will help to resolve your case in an effectively and efficiently, achieving your best result without wasting your time and hard earned money. Mr. Santoro does not believe in letting matters linger without resolution and will not beef up your bill while not getting any results.
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Do I need a lawyer if my divorce is uncontested?

While a divorce does not have to be acrimonious or bitter between the parties, getting divorced does have real legal and economic impact which a layperson is generally not familiar with. In addition, the Court will require very specific information in the divorce documentation that is best left for your lawyer to complete.

At the Law Office of Jeffrey P. Santoro, we will expedite your uncontested matrimonial proceeding so that you do not have to go through the frustration of figuring out what is necessary, while keeping the cost of the proceeding to a minimum.